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CIVIL Litigation

Civil Suit- A&A deals with the many civil litigations for their national and international clients. They have a skilled team of litigator who conducts their cases with all priority for clients. The firm has well and seasoned lawyers for the conducting suits. The cases they deal as below:​

  • Land Litigation
    • Declaratory Suit
    • Cancellation of Deed
    • Rectification of Instrument
    • Perpetual Injunction
    • Partition Suit
    • Rescission of Contract
    • Specific Performance of Contract
    • Recovery of Khas Possession
    • Eviction of Tennant
    • Suit for Easement
    • Money Suit
    • Pre-emption case
    • Pre-Emption under Mohammedan Law
    • Vested Property Release case
    • Land Survey Tribunals Case
    • Mandatory Injunction
    • Misc. Case
    • Arbitration Suit
    • Succession Cases 

  • Family Suit
    • Dissolution of Marriage
    • Dower
    • Maintenance
    • Guardinship
    • Restitution of Conjugal Right

  • Office Related Cases
    • Declaratory Suit
    • Mandatory Injunction
    • Perpetual Injunction
    • Election Tribunal cases
    • Rescission of Contract

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